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5 Beliefs That Keep You From Pursuing Your Goals

Popular excuses that we often say to ourselves to keep us stuck or 'comfortable', but which ultimately hold us back from going after what we really want.

Everyone has dreams, but not everyone turns their dreams into goals. You may have had a few aspirations in the past as well that have been silenced too early. What are the reasons you tell yourself late at night to put the shutdown on making them a reality? How have you rationalised not pursuing your aspirations when you heard them calling you? These reasons or rationalisations are beliefs that you have about yourself and about the world, but here's the truth. Just because you believe it, doesn't mean it's necessarily true!

Here are some of the popular statements I often hear from my clients when we discuss their goals and objectives.

Belief #1 - I Don't Have Enough Time

Everyone is busy these days. When someone asks you how you're doing, you probably respond with “Busy”, "Hectic", "I'm not touching ground!". But is that really true though?

Everyone has the same twenty-four hours in the day. For a week or maybe two, keep a time journal of how you spent your time. This includes sleeping, preparing and eating meals, time spent on social media, getting ready for work, and cleaning your house. Take a good look at how you're spending your time and which activities are receiving a disproportionate amount of your time (and which important ones aren't being prioritised at all); you might find that you have more time than you realize.

Belief #2 - I'm Not Talented Enough

It doesn’t matter if you want to write a book or create art. You have as much talent as you're willing to work for. You may not have been born with the natural ability to paint, but it doesn’t mean you can’t learn and practice (and practice and practice and practice). Raw talent certainly helps, but ultimately success is built on consistent effort and perseverance.

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” — Andrew Carnegieto

Belief #3 - I Will Do This After I Do That

This might sound like “Once I get through this major project at work, I'll start training for that marathon”, or “After I lose ten kilograms, I'll be able to take Latin dancing lessons.” Why are you waiting? Who knows, maybe that marathon training will actually help you work through the stress of the major project at work. Perhaps Latin dancing lessons will allow you to realise that no matter your weight, your body is worthy of fun and saucy movement. If you have a goal, go for it now. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Belief #4 - I’m Not Good Enough

How are you measuring what it means to be “good enough”? I've got news for you. You are always good enough to go after your own dreams and goals. If these are the words that you're used to telling yourself, then you need to work on liking and loving yourself first. On the other hand, if this belief is coming from external sources such as family or friends, then consider the credibility of those sources and if they are holding you back.

Belief #5 - So-and-So Such Has it Easier

Yes, and?

The grass is greener where you water it... Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes...Appearances can be deceptive. There are so many sayings that point out that you never really don’t know what someone else is going through or what they had to go through to get to where they are. So don't assume that someone necessarily has it easier, and therefore they can achieve similar goals to yours while you cannot. That person may even think you have it easier or better too!

I hope this helps to make you see that self-limiting beliefs can be a slippery slope. They can certainly keep you from even trying or making a start to reaching your goals. Take time to examine your real reasoning behind what you choose to do and not to do, and come up with better beliefs to counter the negative ones.


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