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6 Reasons why Finding Your Purpose Matters

At fir6 Reasons why Finding Your Purpose Mattersst glance, it might not seem important to live your life with purpose. After all, so long as you get through the day and are reasonably happy or content, it's all good, right? Not really. Without purpose, you're missing out.


Consider, what happens when you try to live your life without purpose?

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Purpose gives drive

Purpose gets us going and makes us eager to start the day. Without purpose, you might feel your day is aimless to the point where there's no reason to try setting goals. Left unchecked, this can affect mood and even lead to depression. It's no wonder purpose is one of the most important things to drive us forward.

Purpose builds relationships

Purpose is one of those things which really bring people together. Having common interests and goals creates strong bonds. Without purpose, you might find it harder to connect to others, especially on a deeper level.

"When we discover our purpose, we cease to exist as a series of unrelated experiences and become a story." – Elie Wiesel

Purpose Gives Direction

Decisions can seem difficult sometimes when you have no purpose. When you are not working toward a goal or interest, it's easy to waver or let others lead the way. But purpose means you weigh decisions against what's important to you, meaning you honour yourself. More importantly, you keep to your own set of values every time you're faced with a choice.


Purpose Gives Value

Without purpose, you might wonder whether you're making a difference. In contrast, purpose tells you you're making a difference and adding something to the world with every action that honours this purpose. 


Purpose Reduces the Need to Keep Up with Others

If you worry about what others are accomplishing, it's probably because you're unsure of your own purpose. With purpose, it becomes less important what those around you are doing because you're more interested in your own personal journey.


Purpose Reduces Stress

We experience stress most when things around us feel out of control. With purpose, you know your direction and have a pretty solid idea of what you need to do to get where you want to go. Even more important is how purpose helps you get back on track if you're sidelined for a crisis, giving you firm direction and control when things around you feel like they're out of your hands. This all reduces stress and helps you deal with challenges calmly and reasonably.


 With purpose, your life changes for the better. It's no wonder taking the time to figure out what you're all about is crucial to a healthy and happy life. Take the time for yourself. You won't regret it.

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