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Demand Respect by Setting Boundaries

Recognising When Boundaries Are Needed

Do you get the idea that others lack respect for you, your beliefs, time and personal boundaries? It could be that you’ve been hesitant about setting those boundaries and following through with enforcing them.

Others, including the most important people in your life, may begin to take advantage of you if boundaries haven’t been clearly set and stated. Eventually, you’ll become angry and frustrated and those feelings could cause serious problems in relationships.

Setting boundaries will definitely demand respect for your feelings and values if you know how to enforce them. It does no good to write down what your boundaries are and how strongly you feel about them if you don’t follow through.

Here are some things you need to know about setting boundaries which will demand respect from others and build healthy relationships:

Put it down on paper

Everything you’ve recently felt about not being respected by others should be carefully thought out. Words that have been said or situations you’ve been bulldozed into and that are unacceptable to you should be analysed.

You should know exactly how you feel about the lack of respect by redefining your values. Values and belief systems change as we go through life and you may need to re-evaluate them periodically in your life.

Communicate your boundaries with others

This is the tricky part. You don’t want to seem unfeeling and come across as mean or angry. But, you do want to be kind and explain how you’ve come to the conclusions about how you want and expect to be treated.

Expect difficulties when you first communicate your boundaries

While some people will be openly pleased that you’re taking a stand to protect yourself, others may balk at your newfound boldness. You may feel uncomfortable with your efforts at first, but they will get used to the new boundaries – and so will you.

Be flexible and understanding of your boundaries

Healthy boundaries don’t necessarily mean rigid boundaries. Healthy boundaries are based on a sense of mutual respect and the goal of a healthy boundary is that you gain more respect from others and have more self-respect for yourself.

Your mindset will eventually shift and you’ll realise that it’s perfectly okay for you to have boundaries which will protect you and garner respect from others. It is absolutely possible for you to define your life so that it is exactly as you want it to be and so that you have to depend on others for your acceptance.

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